In U P, Yogi Cabinet approves education service selection commission, water tourism and sports policy

The State of Uttar Pradesh is introducing a new and improved way to select teachers. Say goodbye to separate selection boards and commissions, because the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission is here to take over! This new commission will be a corporate body with its headquarters in Prayagraj. The State government will appoint 12 members and a chairman to ensure smooth operations. Get ready for a more streamlined and efficient process for selecting teachers in Uttar Pradesh!”

The Cabinet also approved the Water Tourism and Adventure Sports Policy 2023, which will be valid for 10 years and applicable to all inland land-based, air-based and water routes, dams, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, ponds and all adventure activities to be carried out on various waterbodies and land parcels within the jurisdiction of the StateThe hills in Vindhya and Bundelkhand regions, about 16,620 sq km in the foothills of the Himalayas as well as many beautiful landscapes,

“According to the policy, the University of Paradise (U.P.) is set to establish a dedicated agency for adventure sports units at the divisional level. This agency will serve as a central hub for conducting in-depth studies on the potential of water-based tourism and adventure sports in designated land areas and water sources. Additionally, this agency will be responsible for issuing licenses for water-based tourism and adventure sports activities in each land area and water source

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